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Indian taxation overview: Sense of duty.

We are a leading name in the field of offering Direct Tax Consultancy Services. This taxation is levied by Central, State and Local Government Bodies. The direct tax services are based on a series of tax reforms that were introduced since early 1990s where the focus of reforms is on rationalization of tax rates as well as in simplification of procedures. These taxes are levied by central, state and local government bodies and comprise principal taxes including –


* Corporate tax

* Custom duties

* Central excise duty

* Services tax


* State Excise Duties

* Sales Tax

* Stamp Duties

Local Government Bodies –

Octroi duties

* Other taxes that are local in nature like water tax and property taxes

These are levied by Central government, by states in form of direct taxes like sales tax, state excise duties and stamp duties and Local government bodies in form of Octroi duties and other taxes that are local in nature like water tax and property taxes. We also offer customers direct tax consultancy support that is based on evolving taxation strategy that optimizes tax incidence through application of –

* Tax incentives

* Tax holidays and benefits

* Double tax treaty networks

* Use of intermediate companies

* Transfer pricing and other options

* Comprehensive worldwide tax planning

* Inbound and outbound investments

* Structuring of managerial remuneration

Other than this, the services also include Direct Tax compliance and litigation support, International Tax Advisory, Transfer Pricing Advisory and Foreign Institutional Investor (‘FII’) Services.

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